Introducing… Denaa+ Fitness & Wellness Probiotic Cleaning Products

DENAA+ probiotic fitness cleaning products are highly effective eco-detergents that benefit, rather than damage, health and the environment. You can use them to replace traditional, harmful chemical cleaning products. 

And best of all, they expertly improve the hygiene of sports, gyms and wellness environments without the corrosive chemicals that damage your valuable equipment. Each naturally-sourced product is enriched with probiotic ‘good’ bacteria and helps to create a healthier environment that supports well-being. They also eliminate the root causes of odours, without masking smells with polluting artificial air fresheners.

Our probiotic fitness cleaning products range includes easy solutions to safely improve the hygiene of equipment, floors, surfaces and wet leisure facilities. Suitable for weights and treadmills as well as textiles such as EMS jackets, bibs, mats, trainers and bowling shoes. Read the infographic to find out more: Gym Cleaning Products that Won’t Damage Your Kit.