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Access Ladders View All Access Ladders
Ladders for swimming and spa pool access with options available for less able persons. All ladders are made bespoke to suit your pool specification
Booms / Lane Rope Markers View All Booms / Lane Rope Markers
Section off pools for lane swimming or lessons with multiple anchorage solutions and trolleys to store away when not in use
Competition View All
Equipment suitable for both training and international events, including the the Olympics. Blocks, lanes and turning boards can be made bespoke to fit your pool specification
Footwear View All Footwear
Footwear for lifeguards and staff to safely move around the poolside and wet changing areas
Lifeguard View All
Uniform, chairs and whistles so lifeguards can see, be seen and be heard easily
Lifesaving View All
Equipment to quickly and safely extract struggling or injured persons from the pool, as well as training lifeguards
Lifts / Hoists / Wheelchairs View All Lifts / Hoists / Wheelchairs
Provide access to the pool for those less able
Keystraps / Wristbands View All Keystraps / Wristbands
Control access to swimming pools and other facilities with colour-coded wrist bands
Open Water View All
Create highly visible zones on open water and provide equipment to safely enjoy large inflatables, jet skiing, kayaking and more
Open Water
Pool Cleaners View All Pool Cleaners
Pool vacuums effortlessly clean your pool of sand, hair, bandages and other pollutants with automatic programs or joystick control
Signs / Displays / Posters View All Signs / Displays / Posters
Provide information, warnings and rules around your facility with signs, posters and display boards
Testing View All
Testing pool and spa water is important to ensure safe and sanitary conditions for your clients. Options include fully digital and precise photometers or manual comparators for testing Chlorine, pH, etc, as well as thermometers and TDS meters
Timing View All
Keep track of session times with Time of Day Clocks or help customers train to beat their personal best with Pace Clocks
Clearance View All
View our Pool Area clearance products.