Malmsten Racing Lane Lines

Not just a lane divider!

Malmsten racing lanes have a patented design for optimum wave reduction. Each disc is designed to rotate independently of the others, breaking down the wave energy inside the line.

The official lane provider for many Olympic game, World Cups and European Championships since 1974, Malmsten is simply the best choice

Gold PRO® Lanes (150mm) View All

Malmsten Gold PRO® is the official World Aquatics (FINA) racing lane line, offering superior market leading wave breaker and turbulence control. A new pattern for the PRO-discs and PRO-floats, based on the proven Malmsten flow-through design, allows wave energy to be dispersed along the length of the lane line giving a wave reduction of up to 90.5%. Perfect for world class competitions

Custom lengths and colours available on request

Classic PRO™ Lanes (100mm) View All

Designed with the same wave breaking technology as the Gold PRO® and offering wave reduction up to 76%, the smaller and lighter construction of the Classic PRO™ is perfect for swimming competitions and training, water polo field markings, open water finishing lines and divisional lines.

Custom lengths and colours available on request

Gold Lanes (150mm) View All

The original Gold Standard..! Introduced at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and used in most World Championships, European Championships and other major international competitions between 1992 and 2019 when it was suceeded by the Malmsten Gold PRO®, offering wave reduction up to 87.5%

Custom lengths and colours available on request

Standard Lanes (100mm) View All
Excellent wave reduction up to 74.5% with a smaller diameter, the standard line is easy to handle and therefore suitable for everyday pool marking giving your pool a professional look and feel
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Mobile trolley and hidden underground solutions for storing lanes
Anchorage View All
Anchorage suitable for fixing your racing lanes to poolside
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Accessories to enhance the use of your racing lanes